A residential property’s first line of defense is its roof. Harsh weather and summer months can be very hot, lifting the shingles or blistering the tar and gravel roofing membranes.

Missing gravel on a built-up roofing system, or a shingle missing and damage on the roof, only tend to show up problems when the bad weather arrives, whether heavy rain or wind. A residential roof is often overlooked because it’s not a visible part of the building.

We encourage our residential clients to have their roof surveyed at least twice a year, as a good thought out maintenance program which can extend the life of your roof.

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Commercial roofing and flat roofing services are growing at a rapid pace. Rainblocker Roofing and Construction LLC provides one of the largest choices of roofing systems in Bremen and area.

We offer quality commercial roof installation services such as flat roof inspection, roof replacements, preventative maintenance programs and repair work to building owners and property managers. All of our flat roofing systems are designed to survive harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, or thunderstorms.

our wide variety of products include:

• Asphalt shingles
• Metal roofing
• Gutters
• Soffits

other services include:

• Wooden decks construction
• Stair renovation
• Sheet rock repair
• Sheet rock installation
• Home additions
• Carpentry
• Minor construction

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